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Fer García: Bleak Portrait.

At the beginning of December of the last/recent year 2023, Fer García releases his new album (first in his new career) entitled ¨Bleak Portrait¨. In this album he decides to project another vision in the musical creation, far from what has been published so far and tracing a new path to explore.

This same year 2024, the new ¨ impressions ¨ from the music press begin, which rides in unison as far as the atmospheric concept of the album itself is concerned. It also appears in some interviews, in which the author himself sums it up.

¨An ambitious and liberating task when it comes to tracing this disturbing portrait of an enveloping nature that joins the tradition of musicians of an expansionist character who have made their instrument a vehicle with which to draw magnetic sound scenarios ¨.

Inspiring music that contributes to light a scented candle or a sandalwood stick with the aim of maintaining an inner dialogue while, unconsciously, you travel through the recondite confines of "Endless Surface". Fluctuating and absorbing music like the movement of a "Pendulum" of Newton or Foucault ¨.

"A well-structured album where he contrasts totally instrumental tracks with others in which Fer García himself is in charge of the vocals. A palette of sounds that proposes a musical journey¨.

David Vázquez ¨ Ruta 66 Magazine¨.

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