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Diego Vasallo: New record.

¨ De este lado ¨ is the first advance extracted from Diego Vasallo's next album ¨ Malo ni bueno ¨ , wrapped by a powerful and enveloping visual work created by José Ramón Da Cruz.

Music and lyrics: Diego Vasallo.

Diego Vasallo: vocals.

Fer García: guitars, ambients.

María Amolategi: vocals.

Karlos Arancegui: drums, percussion.

Fernando Neira: bass.

Raúl Bernal: piano.

Produced by Fer García and Diego Vasallo.

Recorded at Green Farm Recordings and Garate Studios by Fer García and Kaki Arkarazo.

Mixed by Fer García at Green Farm Recordings.

Mastered at Doctor Máster by Estanis Elorza.

Visual creation: José Ramón da Cruz.

Production: Julia Roig and Pablo Cerezal.

A production of: Parkour Poético / madridlabruta.

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